New Delhi based photographer Siddharth Sirohi has been honing his skills in landscape and fine art photography for the past several years. Originally a Video Journalist with CNN-IBN, Siddharth metamorphosed from being a videographer to a photographer after graduating from Light & Life Academy. 
Siddharth has worked with some of the biggest names in the Industry over the years. His diverse commercial photography portfolio includes Architecture & Interior, Food, Portraiture and Product photography. He has also shot video documentaries and show reels for numerous clients. He loves to take up challenging assignments that fuel his creativity and has helped him explore various genres of Photography. 

Siddharth’s journey into fine art photography and his love for the outdoors has allowed him to intertwine simplicity of nature with abstraction of the arts. His use of various camera techniques to extend the range of possibilities in fine art photography has allowed him to consistently challenge the boundaries of fine art photography.

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